Bliss Has Reached 1000 Followers!!!

Welcome to the Japan Tour Company!! We provide guided and self-guided vacation packages to Japan!
We have been a proud sponsor of Elora Bliss from the beginning and are so excited to be offering these goodies (see details below) as a giveaway at the Surviving for Santa event in honor of her reaching 1000 followers!
Please checkout our tour listings below before submitting your entry!
$300 Off!
Dotonbori, Osaka

Classic Japan Tour Extended

This tour is the best way to experience Japan as a first time visitor!
Anime Lovers

Anime Tour

If you are an anime lover, you cannot miss out on this
Most Popular
Sensoji Temple

Classic Japan Tour

This tour is the best way to experience Japan as a first time visitor!

Entry Rules

Our give away will consist of Japanese snacks brought back from Japan during our most recent guided tour!
KitKats, Pocky, and Meiji Chocolate to name just a few things!
We will even add in a couple of secret extras as a thank you for your time and donations during this event!
  • One Entry Per PersonDuplicate entries will result in the immediate removal of all entries
  • Twitch Username Is RequiredIf your twitch username is not an exact match, you may not receive bonus entries from actions mentioned below
  • Email Address Must Be ValidTemporary email addresses will not be considered valid
  • Mailing Address Is Required And Must Be ValidWe cannot ship the prize to you if you we do not have a valid mailing address
  • This form is required for entry, additional entries can be achieved but do not count if this form as not been filled out!
  • You can gain additional entries in the following way:
  • Follow EloraBiss @ Entry
  • Subscribe! (Prime, Recurring, or Gifted)+5 Entries (If you already are subscribed, you count too!)
  • Gift a Subscription!+ 5 Entries - Gifting more than 1 sub won't enter you multiple times
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