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Why a Self-guided Tour of Japan?

For seasoned travelers that want to be in control but still have a safe and memorable journey, our self-guided tours will fit like a glove. You get to travel with your friends/family, (or alone), without tour guides to pull you this way and that way. We help you put together a journey tailored to your desires. Travel Aids and resources are on us, so you can enjoy soaking in Japan, in full safety, on your schedule.


Spend 11 days visiting Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Fushimi Inari, Gion (Geisha District), Hakone, View of Fuji (Weather Permitting)


Starts from $2,899, for one person, in low-season. Pricing also varies on your itinerary and season.


Japan is in the Top 10 safest countries in the world. It’s safer than Switzerland and Canada.

How does a self-guided tour of Japan look like


The Classic Japan Tour follows the historic Tokaido road from Tokyo to Kyoto. It is a great opportunity for first time travelers to experience some of the iconic features that the country has to offer. Stay in a traditional Ryokan on the mountainside of Hakone, ride the extensive ropeway across the mountains for a great view of Mt. Fuji (weather permitting), and walk the ancient streets of Kyoto and try to spot a Geisha!

Depending on when you take this self guided tour you may see the beautiful blooming cherry blossoms (typically the first week of April) or the luscious and bright colors of fall (October through December). Please keep in mind that trees do not always bloom as predicted. It is possible that due to an exceptionally warm or cold season that the cherry blossoms will not be in bloom during your visit in Spring.

11Philosopher's Path

Experiences to Choose From

11Sannenzaka Kyoto
11Bamboo Forest
  • Ride a Bullet Train
  • Stay the Night in a Japanese Guest House
  • Relax in a Onsen (Hot Spring)
  • View the Majestic Mt. Fuji(Weather permitting)
  • Sail a Pirate Ship Across Lake Ashi
  • Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine visit
  • Visit with a local family and enjoy a meal in their home(Based on availability)
  • Peace Park Atomic Bomb Site in Hiroshima
  • Great Torii visit on the Sacred Island of Miyajima
  • Gion, Kyoto Geisha District visit
  • Old Preserved Shopping Districts
  • Shibuya visitThe Time Square of Tokyo
  • SkyTree visitSee all of Tokyo laid out before you!


Day 1Arrive in Tokyo - Introductions

Finally! You have arrived in Japan! Check into your hotel and get settled, then follow the provided Self-guided Introduction Tour of Japan. This will allow you to get your first taste of adventure by walking the streets of Tokyo. You can use this time to help familiarize you with the customs, the transportation system, and maybe teach you a few useful phrases!

Walking: Light // Included Meals: None

Day 2Riding Trains and Relaxing in Onsen

Shinjuku Station is the busiest train station in the world, servicing 3.5 million passengers a day! Use your time in the morning to explore the maze of shops that stretch through the station (we’ll probably even find some good breakfast!).

Then, riding the fabled Odakyu Romancar, enjoy a scenic ride into the Hakone mountains. Enjoy lunch on the mountainside before continuing on to the delightful Ryokan where we will be staying. This guest house has Onsen, hot spring baths where you can soak and relax from the long travels that started off this trip.

Finish off the day with a traditional Kaiseki meal in your room!

Walking: Medium // Included Meals: Dinner

Day 3Visit Hakone Lake and See Mt. FujI!

Enjoy a delicious breakfast served at the Ryokan and check your bags at the front desk for the “Hakone Carry Service”; they will take your bags to the train station for you so you can explore Hakone bag free!

Travel along the ropeway across the mountain peaks and catch a magnificent view of Fuji (weather permitting). Stop to try the black eggs cooked in the naturally boiling hotsprings. Sail across Lake Hakone in a pirate ship and walk the ancient Tokaido trade route through a path lined with giant cedar trees.

Discover the beautiful Hakone Shrine and enjoy lunch before heading back to the train station by bus!

Then ride the famous shinkansen (bullet train) to Osaka!

Walking: Heavy // Included Meals: Breakfast

Day 4The Ancient Streets of Kyoto & Geisha

Start your day with a walk through the streets of Kyoto to the famous Kiyomizu-dera temple. Walk the temple grounds, see the great stage that towers above the trees, and make a wish at the Otowa Waterfall.

Continue down the hill through the incredibly well-preserved streets of Higashiyama, Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka. These streets are known for the shops, cafes, restaurants, and preserved homes! You can just feel the history oozing from every wall and stone around you.

Finish the walking tour at Maruyama Park and/or Nishiki Market!

As the sun begins to set, explore the nearby streets of Gion! Full of ancient history and traditions, Gion is at the center of the modern day Geisha. Maybe you’ll even spot one!

Walking: Heavy // Included Meals: None

Day 5Kyoto Shrines and Bamboo Forests

Back in Kyoto again, find yourself at the infamous Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine. Reflect as you walk through the seemingly endless torii gates that carve a path through the forest. Enjoy the street food that is regularly available near the entrance of the shrine, tasting the rich culture of Japan.

If available for your tour, enjoy a tour of the Fushimi sake breweries and taste various local sakes from the area!

Continue your day by choosing your path, Tofukuji temple or Arashiyama bamboo forest! Both are beautiful and worth visiting. Tofukuji is a large temple with beautiful scenery and a sense of serenity. The bamboo forest is amazing to walk through and the local town usually has street food available during the cherry blossom season.

Walking: Heavy // Included Meals: None

Day 6Day Trip to Hiroshima & the Sacred Island of Miyajima

Take an early morning bullet train to the sacred island of Miyajima. Explore the shrine and walk out to the Great Torii if the tide is out. The island also has many deer who are eager to meet you! Walk the forest trails and visit the 5 story pagoda towering above the town.

From there, head into the heart of Hiroshima and enjoy a lunch of the city’s famous (and award-winning) okonomiyaki! Visit Peace Park, see the dome still standing after the atomic blast, ring the Peace Bell, and even leave an origami paper crane. This is a time to reflect on a sobering history and appreciate our newfound friendship with Japan.

Walking: Medium // Included Meals: None

Day 7Travel to Tokyo!

Say goodbye to Osaka and Kyoto, your morning train to Tokyo awaits!  During this ride you may catch another view of Fuji! Take this time to get settled in Tokyo and do some exploring of your own! Visit Senso-ji templ when it isn’t crowded and eat with the locals in a traditional izakaya on Hoppy Street!

For those into anime, we recommend venturing to Akihabara (Electric Town). This part of Tokyo is every anime fan’s dream. Stores and arcades on every corner!

Walking: Light // Included Meals: None

Day 8Yoyogi Park and Tokyo Night Life

Take the day to explore Yoyogi Park and the Meiji Shrine! This large park and shrine are a central part of Tokyo life for locals.

Enjoy the latest crazy fashion by exploring Harajuku, crazy outfits, socks, and good food can be found there. Sometimes you’ll even see locals dressed in these marvelous fashions!

Finish the day with Shibuya, the Time Square of Tokyo. Light up brightly and never asleep, Shibuya boasts of many shops and eateries worth your time! Cross the scramble crosswalk and take a photo with Hachiko, or shop at one of the many stores (Tokyu Hands, Mega Donki, Disney Store, Marui and more!)

Walking: Medium // Included Meals: None

Day 9Japan's Ancient History

Ueno Park is a beautiful park (full of cherry blossoms in the spring) and is a popular spot for locals to visit!

It can be a bit crowded at Ueno park because it is so popular, so start early! The park is surrounded by a zoo, and several museums so pick what you like! We’ll probably grab a snack or early lunch before heading out!

From the park we will walk through a large, picturesque cemetery with traditional headstones and beautiful cherry blossom lining the roads in spring or great orange and reds in the fall. This large cemetery houses famous artists, actors, and politicians from many eras!

From the cemetery we’ll venture into Yanaka Ginza, a traditional 1950s shopping street with original architecture and stores! There we can shop, snack and explore until dinner!

Walking: Moderate // Included Meals: None

Day 10Asakusa and Sky Tree

Time to really explore Asakusa. Start at Sensoji temple before the shops open and immerse yourself in Japanese religion and culture. Once it hits 10 am, hit up Nakamise and let the shopping begin! This is a great time to find souvenirs for those at home or a great hat or fan for yourself!

After lunch, check out a lesser known area great for cherry blossoms in the spring too!. A thin strip of a park, nestled between residential areas with areas for kids to play. Walk and enjoy the quiet atmosphere of everyday life in Japan!

Before it gets too dark, climb to the top of Sky Tree, one of the tallest towers in the world! See Tokyo stretch endlessly before you, the cars looking like toys because you are so high up!

Walking: Heavy // Included Meals: None

Day 11Final Day!

This is your final day and it is yours! This is an open day so you can visit any remaining sites, shrines, stores, or just walk aimlessly through the streets of Tokyo.

If you are leaving Japan on this day, ensure that you arrive early at the airport so that you don’t miss your flight!


What is a self-guided tour?

A self-guided tour in Japan is a pre-planned travel package that provides you with a detailed itinerary, accommodation, and transportation options for exploring the country at your own pace. Unlike guided tours, you will not be accompanied by a tour guide, allowing you more flexibility and independence during your trip. You will also be handed Tour Aids that give you information about all the details you may need while traveling in Japan. Plus, you will have WhatsApp contact with us for any questions or concerns during your trip.

Can I customize my self guided tour?

You can customize your tour in some way by choosing among the different options, which typically include pre-night and post-night extension, meaning you can add one day before and/or after your trip. As there are plenty of options to choose from, it is best to do this with our help. That way we can understand your ideas and help you build a suitable itinerary.

How do I navigate Japan during my self-guided tour?

Japan has one of the most efficient public transportation systems in the world. Their trains are never (like, NEVER) late. But there are also plenty of travel options with busses and subways. You will get all this information on public transport passes as part of your Travel Aid package. Plus, most of the urban centers have English signage, so you’ll find it easy to get around.

Are meals included in self-guided tours in Japan?

Yes. Our self-guided tour packages usually include breakfast at your accommodations. Most travelers choose to have lunch and dinner by their own choosing because different places will offer different cuisine. Please check the details for each day to know if the meals are included or not. We can also provide recommendations for local restaurants and dining experiences to suit your taste.

Can I extend my self-guided tour in Japan?

Yes, you can add more days to your itinerary. You’ll need to get in touch with our support staff, and provide more information about your plans, so we can help you with the details.

Do I need a visa to travel to Japan?

No visa is required for blue countries including North American countries (Canada and United States) and all European countries (European Union, United Kingdom and Switzerland included). List of blue countries: https://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/short/novisa.html. If you have another nationality, please contact the Japanese embassy in your country of residence to obtain this visa.

What do I do if I need help during my self-guided tour?

Most of the questions we could anticipate, are already answered in your Traveling Aid package. But in case you have something specific, you can always reach out to us via WatsApp. Our support staff is quick to respond to any questions or concerns you may have.